London Cloth Company


The London Cloth Company was established in October 2011 and is the first micro-mill to open in London.

We specialise in quality woven cloth, particularly woollens, produced on our ever-expanding range of carefully restored shuttle looms dating from the 1870s. We employ the same techniques that have not changed for decades. The majority of our work is weaving fabrics to order. However, we tend to always have varied meterage in stock, some of which you can find in our online shop. Our bespoke service is open to designers, companies or individuals wanting something unique and perfectly suited to their own style or requirements.
London Cloth how it began

How it Began

. The London Cloth Company first came into being when Daniel rescued a rusting loom from an old barn in rural Wales, naively thinking all else he’d need would be a small hand bobbin winder. With absolutely no training or prior knowledge of weaving, Daniel learnt as he went along. Fully dismantling and reassembling machines that hadn’t been touched for 30 years, he quickly taught himself all the intricacies of the different parts. A year later, Daniel had acquired two further looms, two pern winders and a warping mill. The collection of machinery has been growing ever since. London Cloth moved down the road to a larger space in Clapton, which is rapidly becoming full to the brim with even more machinery, yarn and cloth..

The Mill

. Based in East London, the mill houses a collection of reclaimed and refurbished machinery dating from as early as c. 1870. From foot-peddled Hattersleys to double width industrial power looms, our collection of machines give us the ability to weave fabrics of a range of different qualities.


London Cloth indigo denim woven in London

Indigo & Union Cloth

  .Alongside our extensive range of woollens, we also weave with rope-dyed indigo cotton. We are one of the only mills in the UK weaving true rope-dyed indigo fabrics. We currently offer over 60 different types of indigo cloth, including a range of Union Cloth with an indigo cotton warp and a shetland wool weft. If you're interested in our indigo cotton range, you can order a pack of swatches which includes a wide selection of our latest indigo weaves.